Soul Return (also call Soul Retrieval) and Reintegration is a form of deep emotional and spiritual healing through the aid of a trained practitioner who travels with a client into his/her inner energetic “landscape” to reclaim missing pieces of the Self.  This process has been used in various forms by shamanic cultures for thousands of years.  Shamans see illness as being rooted in a spiritual problem or a partial loss of soul. 

There are a many possible reasons for the loss of soul parts.  Most are associated with some sort of trauma.  This can include but is not limited to incest, physical or emotional abuse, loss of a loved one or pet, surgery, accidents, illness, miscarriage, abortions, the stress of combat, domestic violence, or addiction, etc.  As a result of such trauma, a part of our “vital essence” leaves us (sometimes called dissociation) so that, at the time, we do not feel the full brunt of the pain, whether physical, emotional, or both.  This process can occur more than once in a lifetime, depending on the person’s life experiences. 

Loss of a soul part often leaves us feeling like an essential piece of us is missing.  Often I hear people who have suffered soul loss make statements such as:

“Something is missing, but I just can’t put my finger on it.”

“I feel like I have a hole in my soul (or my heart).”

“My life is in pieces and I can’t seem to gather them all together.”

“I feel so fragmented, disjointed, disconnected, spaced out.....”

“I feel like I’m on the outside looking in,..... like I’m in another world.”

“I feel stuck, like I am in a rut.”

This partial disconnect from life may be manifested in the form of discontentment, depression, anxiety, somatic disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders, or a combination of physical and emotional distress.  Other symptoms may include having difficulty being “present” in one’s body, chronic illnesses, having trouble feeling emotions, feeling unable to move forward in one’s life after a traumatic event.

In the Soul Return and Reintegration process, a trained practitioner travels into the participant’s energy “landscape”, into non-ordinary reality, seeking to bring the fragmented parts back into ordinary reality.  The journey-work allows these parts to be made available to the practitioner in the way of images, sensations, or thoughts.  These dissociated soul parts are then symbolically brought back and reintegrated with the participant through special techniques.

HeartPath Wellness Center provides a safe and nurturing environment for participants to reintegrate the experience with their existing Self and Consciousness.  Soul Retrieval and Reintegration is the beginning of the healing process.  The client must be willing to continue the healing process using whatever tools she/he chooses.  Many people say that after the Soul Return they feel more complete, more connected, more whole and that they experience and interact with the world in new ways.  Some describe the experience as being like a homecoming or family reunion as the missing parts of Self are reunited and reintegrated.