Reiki (pronounced “ray-key”) is a Japanese word which translates to “Universal Life Force energy”.  It is a gentle relaxation therapy designed to release energy blocks and increase the body’s natural ability to relax, to balance body, mind and spirit, and to promote healing.

Reiki is practiced around the world in many different formats.  Shamanic Reiki uses rituals and techniques similar to those used for thousands of years by indigenous cultures.  This includes smudging with sage to clear the energies, Soul Return (also known as Soul Retrieval), extraction of negative energy attachments, work with Power Animals and Spirit Guides, and Journeying.  Healing attunements are done within the Medicine Wheel, as are the opening attunements for students in the training classes.

Reiki is not a form of massage.  Light touch brings the flow of Universal Life Force energy to the recipient and may create various changes at different levels.  This can also be achieved without direct touch. 

Physiological level
  -  eyes relax, heart rate decreases, blood pressure decreases, blood flow to brain increases, immune response increases, pain levels decrease, breathing rate slows down, tension is released and alpha brain waves increase.

Psychological/Emotional level -  release of emotional trauma, feelings of optimism, self-confidence, and more productive or creative energies.

Spiritual level  - deep comfort, sense of peace and well-being, feeling of greater wholeness.

Some persons receiving Reiki may experience sensations of heat, cold, or vibrations.  Others may feel no physical sensations at all, just deep relaxation or even sleepiness.  Regardless of sensations or lack of them, Reiki is always a positive energy, bringing about what is needed for the recipient’s Highest Good.