Shamanic Journeying (also called simply Journeying) occurs when one enters a naturally altered state of consciousness often created by listening to drumming or to certain types of rhythmic music.  This allows one to move into non-ordinary reality where all "rules of operation" of ordinary reality are suspended.  This technique can be done in groups led by an experienced Journeyer or one on one. 

Usually Journeying is done to seek answers to specific questions or problems, to receive more clarity about a situation, and to communicate with Spirit Guides or Power Animals.  It is also used by a practitioner during Soul Return.  Most Journeys are relatively short (about 15 minutes), although there are some types that can last for more than an hour.  Used as a tool to help us see more clearly the emotions, thought patterns and behaviors that block us from fully healing, Shamanic Journeying can assist us in moving forward on our Spiritual Path.