Shamanic BreathworkTM   is a unique process that uses special breathing techniques and evocative music to allow a participant (known as a Breather) to enter into a natural altered state of consciousness.  The ego is released, and the Higher Self surfaces to reveal what is needed at that moment – spiritual inspiration or guidance, deep healing of emotional wounds, release of dysfunctional behaviors, etc.  In addition, body-work, rebirthing, Soul Return, Shamanic Reiki, etc. enable the individual to access his/her own recovery process and expand the consciousness.  Following the session, art work is created while the Breather is still in the altered state.  This enables them to visually manifest the experience.  Later, the breathwork is integrated in a processing session.  It is a way to develop a greater sense of who we are and to achieve wholeness.  The individual generally feels more empowered as a result of Shamanic BreathworkTM .


This is not a form of guided meditation.  Each Breather’s journey is unique and no two breathworks are ever the same.  The Facilitator allows the person to move through this journey at her/his own pace and “destination”.  A participant might experience one or more of the following:  heightened senses, bliss states, reliving part of one’s life or birth process, rebirthing, past lives, deep meditative states, intense emotional states, releasing of dysfunctional life patterns or addictions, etc.  The possibilities are limitless.  The more the Breather is able to let go, the deeper the experience.  This is a very experiential process that cannot be adequately described by words.


Shamanic BreathworkTM   is another tool to connect us to our own “Inner Shaman (Healer)”.  The Facilitator is someone who has had extended breathwork and healing experience.  Her job is to provide a “safe container” for deep surrender and inner exploration.  She moves with the participating Breather’s experience, using intuition to provide body-work, Shamanic Reiki, rebirthing, Soul Return, etc. when appropriate to assist the process. 


The Shamanic BreathworkTM   process was developed by Linda Star Wolf, Co-Director and Founder of the Venus Rising Institute for the Shamanic Healing Arts near Sylva, North Carolina.  Certified as a National Addictions Counselor and ordained Shamanic Minister, Star Wolf trains and certifies others in this work.