The HeartPath Wellness Center is located in Terri Lyne’s home on two private acres. This provides a relaxed atmosphere; a feeling of being in a “safe container”, or a sacred space. There is also a Medicine Wheel on the property dedicated to your healing processes. 

Along with private sessions by appointment for you or your animal family members, the HeartPath Wellness Center offers workshops and classes. Class sizes are small, to ensure understanding and individualized learning.   Check the schedule below for dates and locations.  

Military/veterans/first responders: Ask about special discounts for sessions.

Contact Terri Lyne to schedule a life changing session or to register for an upcoming class. 



Perhaps you are wrangling with a gift idea for someone special.  A gift certificate for a Reiki session or a Reiki class might be perfect!  Please contact me for details.

Reiki & Soul Retrieval Sessions

By appointment only. 

A flexible schedule of sessions is available at HeartPath Wellness Center in Wasilla. 


Finding your Power Animal Class

Weds., May 9th, 2 - 5pm

Animal Spirit Guides are important Teachers who help us to see and learn important Life Lessons, provide Guidance, help us heal, and walk with us through our day.   They can show us our Medicine, the particular Gifts of Power bestowed upon us by The Great Mystery, and how to best offer that to the world around us. 

 In this class, you will learn how to Journey into non-ordinary reality to connect with your particular Power Animal.   This process is achieved through listening to special drumming which takes you into a natural, altered state of being. 

Class size is small (5 students) due to limited room space.  Registration is first come, first served.

Upon registration, you will be sent information on what to bring to class and directions to HeartPath Wellness Center.

Class fee is $50 (cash/check).

Future classes will be offered to help you find your Power Plant/Tree and Spirit Guide.  Watch for the schedule!

Please feel free to pass this information on to anyone you think might be interested.  Thanks!


Healing Circle  

Come join us at the Healing Circle to call in the Energies of Manifestation. All energy modalities are welcome. You don't have to have a specific skill to participate. Prayer is a powerful energy source.

Wear layers, warm socks or bring house slippers. If you'd like to share fellowship afterwards,
feel free to bring finger food. There is no charge but voluntary love donations are much appreciated. Call or email to let me know you are coming and for directions to the house. Please plan to arrive a few minutes early so we can get started on time. If the weather/roads are bad, we will cancel.  Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Blessings of Love, Light, Laughter, Healing and Beauty to all in this season.



If you are interested in taking a Reiki class, contact Terri Lyne and one can be set up to fit your schedule.  Ask your friends to join you!  Classes are limited to 6 students. 


9am-5:30pm both days

 Reiki is a Japanese word that translates to “universal life force energy”.  It is a gentle relaxation therapy designed to release energy blocks and increase the body’s natural ability to relax and heal, bringing balance to body, mind and spirit.  This class will present the Usui System of Reiki.  Anyone can learn this simple method. Once empowered into this system, you can use Reiki to help produce deep relaxation, stress reduction, and natural healing, for yourself and for others.  Light touch and the flow of energy may create changes at different levels – physiological, emotional, and spiritual. 

This class will cover the history and principles of Reiki, information on energies and chakras, grounding/centering/shielding, hand positions, techniques, and uses of Reiki, Animal Reiki (time permitting), ethics, plus four graceful attunements given in the Medicine Wheel (weather permitting). Practice time to give and receive Reiki is included.

Cost of class is $225. Please send in your $50 deposit at least 1 week prior to the class. Make out check to HeartPath Wellness Center, and mail to 3725 S. Eagle Bay Drive, Wasilla, AK 99623.  You will receive the class textbook when you pre-register for the class. Balance of $175 due the first day of class.  

Optional text:  Animal Reiki: using energy to heal the animals in your life by Fulton and Prasad. To be purchased by the student - only if you are interested in Animal Reiki.  Try Title Wave in Anchorage or for a used copy.


 REIKI 2 CLASS- June 10th, (Sunday)


This class is a continuation of training in the Usui System of Reiki. Those who have received training and attunements in First Degree Reiki are eligible to take this class.*   In the Second Degree, you will learn special symbols to enhance the flow of Reiki and to work “long distance”. There will be one graceful, powerful attunement. The class will also include:

  • · a set of handouts
  • · discussion of the Mind/Body/Spirit approach to healing
  • · Japanese Reiki techniques (time permitting)
  • · the Reiki symbols, how to draw them, and their uses
  • · an attunement in the Medicine Wheel (weather permitting)
  • · time to practice the symbols and to exchange Reiki

 Cost of the class is $225.00. Please send your $50 deposit at least 1 week prior to class to 3725 S. Eagle Bay Dr., Wasilla AK 99623. Make check or money order payable to HeartPath Wellness Center.

 Textbook(s) used in the Reiki I class also are used in Reiki II. There is a reading assignment to be completed before class.

Animal Reiki: using energy to heal the animals in your life by Fulton and Prasad (Optional - Students interested in Animal Reiki can purchase at or try Title Wave in Anchorage.)

* If you have received your First Degree training from another Reiki Master, you will need to discuss your training with Terri Lyne and provide a copy of your First Degree certificate and class outline prior to class day. Online training and distance attunements are not accepted. Contact Terri Lyne if you have any questions