A mandala is a drawing made within a circle.  In fact, the word "mandala" is Sanskrit for circle.  Many cultures use these for healing or spiritual rituals - Native American, Hindu, Tibetan Buddhists, to name a few.  Besides being beautiful works of art, they help to reveal insights into the creator's Inner Self.

Special meditations can be done to connect with the flow of the Universal Energy, allowing this to move through the body, down the fingers, through the pencil or paintbrush and onto the paper to create the mandala.  Another way this art form is used is to create a visual manifestation of what has been experienced during a Shamanic Breathwork TM process.  While the participant is still in an altered state of consciousness, she or he allows the images, emotions, or energies to express themselves into the circle on the paper.

Often creating mandalas can be therapeutic.  As a Shamanic BreathworkTM facilitator, this artwork helps me to undertand more clearly what is happening in the client's "inner landscape" and aids my ability to assist their healing process.