Reiki (pronounced “ray-key”) is a Japanese word that translates to “universal life force energy”.  It is a gentle relaxation therapy designed to release energy blocks that can create symptoms of stress or illness.   This gentle technique increases the body’s natural ability to relax, to reduce stress, and to promote natural healing.  Reiki is not intended to diagnose illness or injury and is not a substitute for traditional veterinary care, but rather it is a supplement to it.   Always seek and follow the advice of your veterinarian.



The practitioner uses light touch to transfer this energy to the animal, although this energy transfer also can be achieved without touching the animal.  Most animals - pets, livestock, and wild animals - seem to enjoy the Reiki session.  Often they cue the practitioner to areas that need it most and to the duration of the session. Most sessions are done in the home of the client.



  • helping to maintain normal health
  • addressing stress caused by travel, show competition, breeding, pregnancy, surgery, illness, etc 
  • bringing relief of symptoms related to disease, injury, or aging



  • visible relaxation of the animal
  • reduced of signs of stress
  • reduced signs of pain
  • calmer behavior
  • return to more normal activity

*Results may vary from animal to animal. 




“I am a nine year old Siamese cat named Spike who really likes Reiki.  I was introduced to it through my human.  When she was receiving Reiki, she seemed so relaxed that one day I decided to hop on the Reiki table with her.  ‘Miss Terri’ laid her hands on me and I just soaked up this wonderful energy.  After about 10 minutes, I rolled over to get some on my other side.  It made me sing!  Ever since then, I try to get at least 10 minutes of Reiki when ‘Miss Terri’ comes by to see my human.”

As told by Spike through his human, W.


“My Labrador, Tirzah, was diagnosed with cancer.  She had her first Reiki session before starting chemo treatments.  Since starting chemo, the Reiki treatments have helped Tirzah a lot.  She was having diarrhea, didn’t want to eat or play or even get up.  After her Reiki treatment, she began eating and wanted to play with her ball again. Over several days the diarrhea diminished.  Tirzah LOVES her Reiki sessions- even more than playing with her ball!!”

M., Tirzah’s human