Terri Lyne Anthony is a Reiki Master-Teacher and Practitioner, Ordained Shamanic Pastoral Counselor, Soul Return Practitioner and certified Shamanic BreathworkTM Facilitator who has chosen to follow the HeartPath of Healing. She brings a unique combination of gifts to others, using a blend of ancient wisdom and modern techniques. In addition, she has a Masters Degree of Science in Biology and has taught Anatomy/Physiology and Microbiology for Allied Health Students at the college level for over 25 years.


Through her own personal healing process, Terri has gained knowledge in Inner Child work, Shadow Work, meditation, body work, shamanism, energy work, Shamanic BreathworkTM, hospice and grief support, etc. Her goal is to assist others in healing life wounds that block them from fully being their True Selves and fulfilling their Sacred Purpose. She provides Sacred Space for them to nurture body, mind, and spirit at the HeartPath Wellness Center in Wasilla, Alaska.


In Terri Lyne’s own words:

“My ultimate goal is for you to progress to a point where you don’t need me. Sounds like I’m trying to eliminate my job. Not likely to happen with all the people in need of doing healing work in the world. But one day, it would be a nice ultimate goal for no one to need healing work anymore. I believe, as each of us does our own healing work, we create more healing and therefore, more peace and harmony in the world. As individuals, we can’t save the entire world. But if we heal our own inner world, we add to the healing, peace and harmony in the outer world. So, I guess you could say that my work in assisting people with their healing is my way of promoting world peace – one person (and in particular, myself) at a time.”