In today’s world of high stress, rapid changes, and turmoil, it is easy to forget who we Truly Are and our purpose in this Lifetime. The HeartPath Wellness Center is dedicated to providing a safe, supportive environment for persons desiring inner healing and spiritual growth. When we reconnect with our True Self, outer transformation for ourselves and the world around us is then possible. 


Often we are made to feel it is selfish to take care of ourselves; that it is a luxury and not a necessity. Our own bodies can be our greatest teacher for self-nurturing and healing. For instance, the heart is the most vital - and wisest - organ in the body. Although every organ, every tissue, every cell within the body depends upon the heart to send it life-giving blood filled with nutrients and oxygen, the heart “feeds” itself FIRST with the freshest, most oxygenated blood. Only then does it send the blood out to the rest of the body. Without this supply of fresh blood, the heart would quickly deteriorate and die – and so goes the rest of the body.


If we do not nurture and care for ourselves first, if we do not put our own healing first, then we cannot support those around us – family, friends, coworkers, and community. It is vital that we put ourselves first in the Healing Circle, so that we have something to give to others. The alternative is burn-out, depression, headaches, sleep disorders, addictions, or stress-related illnesses. 


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